Automate regulatory compliant functional and duration emergency light testing.

Emergency Light Testing

Smart Connected Lighting from enModus is an intelligent lighting solution that allows users to manage all aspects of their lighting system – from performance to efficiency to regulatory compliance.

Facility managers can schedule and perform automated emergency light testing, both functional and duration, to ensure the safety of their employees in the event of an emergency.

Save time and money

The Smart Connected Lighting solution delivers a time and money saving alternative to manually testing emergency lights.

Using the enModus Cloud Platform (ECP) and just a few clicks, users can schedule automated emergency light testing to occur at convenient times, avoiding disruptions to building operations and employee productivity.

Emergency light status monitoring

Every 30 second the DALI emergency driver reports its status and it is displayed on the ECP. It creates an east way to visualise the condition of each light and can prompt them to perform preventative maintenance.

enModus Emergency Lighting Test Status

Emergency light testing schedules

It allows users to automate short ‘functional’ tests on a regular basis to establish basic functionality.

enModus Emergency Lighting Test Functional

Longer ‘duration’ tests are also conducted, but on a less frequent basis, to measure remaining battery capacity.

enModus Emergency Lighting Test Duration

Emergency light testing regulations*

The enModus Smart Connected Lighting solution can help your building conform to emergency light testing regulations including:

BSEN 5266-1:2016 Emergency lighting Part 1
BSEN 1838:2013 Lighting Applications – Emergency lighting
BSEN 50172:2004 Emergency Escape-Lighting Systems
BSEN 60598-2-22:2014 Luminaires for Emergency Lighting
BSEN 62034:2012 Automatic test Systems for battery Powered Emergency Escape Lighting


Comprehensive and organised record keeping

The ECP keeps records of all monthly and annual emergency light tests so that facility managers can easily demonstrate regulatory compliance. All test results can be exported by the user for inclusion in an emergency light testing log book.

enModus Emergency Lighting Test Report

* Please refer to your local regulations for emergency light testing standard.