Virgin Media get smart with 99% energy saving.

The lighting power savings have been incredible, and the cloud platform gives us valuable insight into the occupancy of the technical area.

Steve Harlowe, Technical Site Compliance Manager


Virgin Media provides broadband, telephony and cable services throughout the UK and Ireland. This project focussed upon one of their major UK technical facilities supporting more than 250,000 homes.

Customer Challenge

The primary objective was to reduce the lighting energy consumed in the technical facility equipment rooms. This was particularly important because these areas are heavily environmentally controlled to optimise the operating conditions for the equipment. The existing fluorescent lighting tended to be turned on at the beginning of each shift even though these spaces were only accessed by maintenance staff on an infrequent basis.


We replaced the existing fluorescent lighting with Thorn Aquaforce II LED units to provide an immediate reduction in energy consumption.
We also installed our unique Smart lighting solution that uses the existing mains powerlines for connectivity and control.


Energy Saving


Payback Period


CO2 Saving