Multi £Bn manufacturing group reaches 87% energy savings at UK facility.

This quantum of potential energy saving has strategic value.

VP of Corporate Investment


This case study has been anonymised to preserve the commercial confidence of our customer.

Our customer is a large manufacturing and services business with over 100 manufacturing sites in 28 countries, employing 200,000 staff and generating annual revenues of $20billion.

Customer Challenge

Lighting was highlighted by the customer as one of the major energy saving opportunities across their facilities. It was critical to the customer that the new system was easy to install with zero disruption to their production schedule. This precluded wired control systems and previous trials with wireless technology proved unsuccessful.


Energy savings are achieved throughout the 150,000sqft facility by introducing 401 new high bay and mid bay LED luminaires through our project partner Carbon Reduction Technology. The luminaires together with our Smart Connected Lighting solution we were able to provide greater energy efficiencies as well as providing valuable insights into occupancy levels and other environmental factors.


Energy Saving


Payback Period


CO2 Saving