John Tainton facility reduces energy usage by 89% with Smart Connected Lighting.

enModus gives us task specific lighting control and real-time visibility of building occupancy

Richard Wandless, Operations Director for John Tainton


John Tainton is a specialist supplier of fully flattened steel sheets and plates based in Kidderminster, UK.

Customer Challenge

As part of a lighting efficiency upgrade John Tainton dramatically improved their lighting control capabilities to maximise energy savings. Operations Director Richard Wandless wanted to gain greater levels of lighting control to maximise energy savings.


The project involved installing the enModus Smart Connected Lighting solution which uses existing mains wiring to enable lights to be connected to the internet, then monitored and intelligently controlled.

The existing 250W Metal Halide/SON high bay luminaires were replaced with 100W Zumtobel CRAFT LED high bay lights installed by Test Consulting Ltd. The enModus Smart Connected Lighting solution continuously tunes individual luminaires to provide the correct amount of light where and when its needed. The solution also provides real-time and historical occupancy reporting to take guess work out of building usage. Such data helps with space utilisation, inventory planning and better occupant safety.


John Tainton lighting energy graph

Energy Saving


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