Catalyst maximise 98% energy savings from smart lighting.

We’re saving money and we’re working smarter. We didn’t think that changing the lighting configuration would have such a big impact on our bottom line and the way we work.

Jason Blundell, Warehouse & Logistics Manager


Catalyst is a global supply chain business specialising in retail loss prevention technologies for merchandise. As part of an energy efficiency initiative they planned a new smarter lighting system for their warehouse.

Customer Challenge

Catalyst wanted a lighting solution that gave them both a reduction in energy consumption and more intelligent lighting control.


Together with our partner Carbon Reduction Technology, enModus met the challenge by installing our unique Smart lighting solution that uses the existing power lines to control the lighting.

The existing Sodium lights were replaced with 120W CRT HBX LED luminaires to provide an immediate reduction in energy consumption.


Energy Saving


Payback Period


CO2 Saving