Experienced technology and commercial team, with a unique mix of start up and corporate success.

Andy Heaton, Founder & CEO

Andy is a technology-industry veteran, with 30 years spent in blue chip semiconductor companies and technology start-ups in the UK and US. Operational, engineering and senior management roles in Plessey, Philips, Motorola and ON Semiconductor were followed by key roles in start-ups SiConnect, Xmos and Air Semi. He has led organisations of thousands across the world, as well as small design teams.

Andy co-founded enModus in 2010; he brings leadership, strategic vision and is known for getting things done.

Phil Young, Co-Founder & CTO

Phil has spent nearly 30 years at the forefront of advanced digital systems design. Notable achievements include developing architectures for Bluetooth, powerline and GPS chips for startups Jennic, nSine and Nemerix, and has performed a variety of technical roles with companies such as Plessey, National, NEC, VLSI, Qualcomm and ST-E.

Phil co-founded enModus in 2010; he is the technical lead in the company and the inventor of Wattwave.

Andrew Maynard, CFO

Andrew has spent the last 20 years in finance roles with fast-growth businesses. This experience covers a variety of sectors and has involved working both within businesses as a CFO and externally in the role of venture capitalist and advisor. A common theme across all the roles has been to ensure that a sustainable business model has sufficient funding in place to enable growth to occur and, in turn, to deliver value to shareholders.

Andrew is a Chartered Accountant who trained with PWC and KPMG and joined the team at enModus in 2015.

Andy Bell, VP Engineering

Andy is responsible for managing the engineering team at enModus. Before joining enModus, he was CTO at Zinwave where he managed the design and development of the world’s first wideband fibre-optic radio distributed antenna system. Prior to this, Andy was responsible for the system design of Samsung’s 1st 3G mobile phone chipset and NEC’s Programme Manager for the world’s 1st dual-mode (GSM/UMTS) mobile phone.

Andy served as Vice-Chairman of the ETSI WCDMA standardisation committee. He obtained his BSc from Bath University in 1989 and became a Chartered Engineer with GEC-Marconi.